June 25, 2019: Second Wednesday

The Lilly Sabbatical Grant committee strongly encourages the importance of REST. It has taken a while, but I have settled into a new reality of rest and it feels GREAT! I love the people of Grace and almost always enjoy what my job (call) entails. Because I am confident in God, Pastor Woody and the Grace staff and church, I am enjoying letting go and letting God!

In reflection, our week with family in the same house on the beach offered a great start to the sabbatical. There was rich time to spend with each grandchild and their parents. Riding waves, talking on the beach, making meals together, playing games and just hanging out was amazing. My high point was the simple yet wonderful 40th anniversary meal they planned for us. Jody and I both cried as they started the song for our dance: The Heart of Worship, then in true family tradition – all our kids cried with us – in JOY. We are so thankful and filled with humble gratitude for how God has blessed our marriage, family and ministry. Hint, hint: Grace – you are an important part of that blessing of God!

Rest has settled in as all our kids and families are back home and it is now just Jody and me. While the waves of the beach in Virginia Beach are great – the local news sounds like Rockford with shooting, missing people and the problems of an urban area. The grass is not always greener in other places! I just finished a Lee Child novel in two days having not read a novel for a few years. It is nice to have time to just sit and read. Good bye Virginia.

Hello New York City. Off to a few museums in NYC and a musical tomorrow then off to Israel on Friday. Time for a new phase of the sabbatical. Please know you are in our hearts and prayers. Here are a few other pictures from family time. Skip if you are bored!!!

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